Our adult learning offerings include various book study groups, occasional one-time presentations and our Spiritual Pluralism Project (see below).  These are always advertised on our list serve.

If you wish to give a presentation or propose a new group, you may submit an Adult Learning Proposal form. The Lifespan Religious Exploration Committee evaluates and approves proposals that are in sync with our UU principles and values.

Spiritual Pluralism Project

The Spiritual Pluralism Project is a way to explore the interconnected web of belonging and seeking within a diverse faith community. It invites congregants to bring their whole selves and expect a full welcome.

Many UUs are enriched by the eclectic nature of our congregations. Some want to explore one path deeply and then perhaps another. Others want to grow in a sustained way within one path. Embracing the Spiritual Pluralism Project increases our choices.  We encourage members and friends of UUFB to respect and learn from one another while sustaining the unity of our congregation.

Our Fellowship has three Spiritual Pluralism groups: UU Buddhist, UU Humanist and UU Mysticism. We use a small group ministry model wherein each group develops a covenant for how they will be together while learning about a particular spiritual path and sharing insights.

UU Buddhist Group
The UU Buddhist Group explores practices such as meditation and spiritual development.

UU Humanist Group
The UU Humanist Group explores religious humanism and its impact on and future within Unitarian Universalism.

UU Mysticism Group
The UU Mysticism Group explores various strands of mysticism within UUism, world religions and other sources.