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The Spiritual Practice of Fasting

Religious traditions throughout the ages have encouraged their adherents to engage in spiritual practices. The spiritual practice of fasting is common to many traditions around the world. With the Muslim holiday of Ramadan beginning at sundown today, this seems to be an appropriate time to … read more.

The Five Pillars of Islam

A brief introduction to Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion; adherents of this faith believe in one God and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was his last messenger. It is one of the three Abrahamic religions. The practice of Islam includes believing in five … read more.

Transformation at Easter

The holiday of Easter is a story of transformation. With the idea of transformation in mind, today’s multigenerational service will focus on a story of more modern vintage, The Velveteen Rabbit. Both the Easter story and The Velveteen Rabbit help us recognize what is required … read more.

Biodiversity and the 7th Principle

Dr. Diane Debinski, Professor and Department Head of Ecology at Montana State University will offer her perspectives on the 7th Principle of Unitarian Universalism, which calls for “respect for the interdependent web of all existence”. Dr. Debinski will relate the principle to her own research … read more.

Unitarian & Universalist Concepts of God

In 1961 the Unitarian and the Universalist denominations merged to form the Unitarian Universalist Association. Both denominations were associated with the liberal religious tradition in this country. During the course of their histories however, each held different concepts about which attributes of God were most … read more.

Let’s Talk About god, God or G.O.D.

In a good number of Unitarian Universalist congregations, certain words tend not to get spoken as much as in the majority of churches in this country. Today’s sermon is about one of those words. Is anything lost when we avoid using the word “god?” … read more.

Nurturing an Idea

Have you ever had an idea that was so far outside of the box that you didn’t know what to do with it? Did you share the idea with anyone? Did you try to find ways to make your idea come alive in the world? … read more.

Education in Peril

Recently teachers have gone on strike in California, Colorado, and West Virginia. And last year teachers in North Carolina and Oklahoma walked out of their classrooms. These strikes are an indication that education is in peril in numerous parts of our country. Our Fourth Principle … read more.

Justice for Indigenous People

Meg Singer will be speaking on issues of justice for indigenous people and specifically indigenous women. She will highlight what we, as aspiring allies, can do to actively promote change while taking a “back seat” to indigenous communities’ leadership. Terry Bradley will join us to … read more.