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Justice for Indigenous People

Meg Singer will be speaking on issues of justice for indigenous people and specifically indigenous women. She will highlight what we, as aspiring allies, can do to actively promote change while taking a “back seat” to indigenous communities’ leadership. Terry Bradley will join us to … read more.

Does Our Thinking Have to be Black and White?

As we attempt to communicate and make sense of one another, there are elements of our language that reduce clarity and prevent understanding. Why is it so easy to stereotype individuals, lumping them into groups, or to engage in black and white thinking, dividing the … read more.

Words We Are Giving Up

Research was published a few years ago which asserted that the use of words “related to moral excellence and virtue” has been declining over the course of the 20th century. What words are we giving up? Are there any negative effects associated with people reading, … read more.

The Power of Song

Something sacred, moving and beautiful happens when we connect to our own and others’ hearts, free our voices, and lift them together in song. The Montana Women’s Chorus invites you to experience this transformative power of creating music with meaning and soul. Children are welcome … read more.

A Grand UU Gathering

Every spring a grand gathering occurs that draws UU’s from across the country as well as internationally. The grand gathering is the UUA General Assembly (GA) and this year it is being held nearby in Spokane, WA from June 19-23. Every GA is different yet … read more.

Holding On to Hope

As we prepare to celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, we will consider the topic of hope. Hope helped those who were enslaved before the Civil War make it through each day. Hope was a key message in King’s “I have a dream” … read more.

Letting Go

In the course of our lives, each of us tends to hold on to what is important to us. There are times, however, when holding on is no longer appropriate, beneficial or possible. At such times we must let go, even though we have resistance … read more.