Reflections: A Year in Our Home

One year ago this month we moved into our newly renovated building, the first building we are able to call our own. Having our own building was a significant element of the Fellowship’s 2005-2015 Vision Statement. In this service we will reflect on the past … read more.

Old Time Religion

Old time religion is a radical departure from conventional thought of the time promoting human rights and dignity. How do we apply these principals to the 21st Century?

Our Children’s Religious Education program is available during the service.

Tales from a Chaplain

Chaplain Katie Michael-Sanchez will share stories about humanity and holiness from her work in chaplaincy. She will explore what she has learned in this inspiring and heart-breaking ministry in a way that we can all connect to as fellow humans who experience death and life.

… read more.

Breathing as a Spiritual Practice

Through the course of history, religious traditions have developed, taught and encouraged an array of spiritual practices. Today many people engage in a spiritual practice such as prayer, meditation or fasting. There is one activity that all people engage in that could, if we each … read more.

The Faith We Sing

Music gives voice to our deepest longings and shapes our understanding of the deepest truths. Unitarian Universalism is experiencing an explosion of new music for our congregations and choirs, which says something about our health and vitality as a faith movement. We‘ll explore music’s role in shaping and … read more.

The Dharma and the Chalice

Unitarian Universalists have a fascination with Buddhist teachings on how to live a compassionate life. It doesn’t stop there. What about that practice called “mindfulness?” Is it really the sexiest idea since sliced bread? What does it mean to be ‘mindful’ and ‘aware’ in these … read more.

Promoting Religious Tolerance

News reports from this country and around the world of late have been filled with stories of religious intolerance. Prejudice and discrimination, two elements of religious
intolerance, have existed within and between religious groups for centuries. As Unitarian Universalists, we strive to promote religious tolerance … read more.

Turquoise Patriot

On this Sunday that begins the week celebrating our nation’s birthday, Neil Gregersen will read a powerful sermon by Rev. Victoria E. Safford, minister of the White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church in Mahtomedi, Minnesota. She delivered this sermon shortly after 9/11. In her message she … read more.