Speaker: Rev. Duffy Peet

Let’s Talk About god, God or G.O.D.

In a good number of Unitarian Universalist congregations, certain words tend not to get spoken as much as in the majority of churches in this country. Today’s sermon is about one of those words. Is anything lost when we avoid using the word “god?” … read more.

Nurturing an Idea

Have you ever had an idea that was so far outside of the box that you didn’t know what to do with it? Did you share the idea with anyone? Did you try to find ways to make your idea come alive in the world? … read more.

Education in Peril

Recently teachers have gone on strike in California, Colorado, and West Virginia. And last year teachers in North Carolina and Oklahoma walked out of their classrooms. These strikes are an indication that education is in peril in numerous parts of our country. Our Fourth Principle … read more.

Words We Are Giving Up

Research was published a few years ago which asserted that the use of words “related to moral excellence and virtue” has been declining over the course of the 20th century. What words are we giving up? Are there any negative effects associated with people reading, … read more.

A Grand UU Gathering

Every spring a grand gathering occurs that draws UU’s from across the country as well as internationally. The grand gathering is the UUA General Assembly (GA) and this year it is being held nearby in Spokane, WA from June 19-23. Every GA is different yet … read more.

Holding On to Hope

As we prepare to celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, we will consider the topic of hope. Hope helped those who were enslaved before the Civil War make it through each day. Hope was a key message in King’s “I have a dream” … read more.

Letting Go

In the course of our lives, each of us tends to hold on to what is important to us. There are times, however, when holding on is no longer appropriate, beneficial or possible. At such times we must let go, even though we have resistance … read more.

Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve service is typically filled with meaning and significance for those who attend. Our evening service will include readings and music that are symbolic of this holiday season. We will join in singing familiar Christmas hymns. And we will contemplate the meaning of … read more.

Happy Holidays!

These two words are a common greeting this time of year. The holiday season is commonly understood to begin with Thanksgiving and end with New Year’s Day, with Christmas in between. But these are only a few of the holidays which are celebrated during this … read more.

Revisiting Salvation

Salvation is an important theme of the holiday season—a theme that doesn’t get talked about much in many UU congregations. The word “salvation” seems to have lost favor in our congregations today. We will consider salvation in light of three of the holidays of this … read more.